Ryan Polly





Hi! I'm Ryan. I'm a writer/director with a passion for making work that blends genres and brings people joy through the power of cinema. I co-founded the advertainment studio Weekend Video and production company Bonus Features. I also develop a new feature film idea every week on my podcast The Writers Room Gameshow.

i'm on the internet


i run a few companies

Weekend VideoBonus Features

i direct shorts

Pizza TimeMonitorThe Tide is High

i host a podcast

The Writers Room Game Show

i direct commercials

Nintendo "New Super Lucky's Tale"
Highball "The Pink Dragon"
Budweiser "Earned History"
More Fun Comics & Games "Imagination"
Progressive "Invasion"
Progressive "Meteor"
Bunch Bikes "Ride With Your Bunch"
The Writers Room Game Show "Promo"
Norman Roscoe "Friendly Neighborhood Printer"
VARI "Get Up"
Gnome Cones "The Legend of the Gnome"
A Fresh Look "Debunking Myths"
iTeach "Leave Your Mark"

i direct music videos

NITE "I'll Be Back Again"
Cash Campbell "Cannonball"
NITE "Dreamer"

i produce my friend's shorts

The Wages of Sin!There Comes A Knocking